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Campus Chief Message

​Dear Students, Guardians and Well wishers,
It gives me an immense pleasure to extend heartiest welcome at LMC. I extend my sincere gratitude for the continuous support from our well wishers in raising LMC into a center of academic excellence today.

Education is the only means of exposure to the world. It is an act of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment and generally preparing oneself or others intellectually matured. It has been one of the basic needs of human beings like- food, cloth and shelter. It is the only medium to keep up everyone with evolution and of reasoning against illogical. In a nutshell, the importance of education is immense as it may not be possible to state in words. Although there are several types of education, formal and informal system are very common. Formal education is run either by government or the community and the private sector.

 Lamki Multiple Campus (LMC) with the motto of "Quest for Excellence: Learning Today for Better Tomorrow" was established as a community college under the Tribhuvan University in 2064 B.S. It is situated at the main gate of Far-western Province of Nepal at Lamki Chuha Municipality in Kailali district. Lamki Multiple Campus has been conducting its academic programs with three different streams: Education, Humanities & Management in Bachelors' degree. More recently, the campus has also been affiliated to Masters' degree in Nepali Education from Tribhuvan University in the academic year 2075/076. There is densely populated area surrounding the campus. It is sure to say the campus will have the excess number of students in the near future. Obviously, this campus has provided a sort of contribution in the field of education. On the other hand, it is only one bachelor level campus in Lamki Chuha Municipality. It has been doing hard work and initiation since the initial period with the aim of producing skilled manpower with qualitative education. Locating at Lamkichuha Municipality the campus has been surrounded by three different rural municipalities: Janaki, Bardagoriya, and Mohunnyal.           

Behind many ups & downs, this campus has been proved to be a milestone for the people around here. Different educationists, intellectuals, politicians, social workers, farmers, teachers, businessmen and so on are highly credited for its establishment. Since its establishment, it has been successful to produce highly skilled manpower and to meet the aspirations of the people mentioned. It really has been in progressive way more than that of initial period. It has increased its students' number in each year due to quality education.

 Finally, I take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to the campus management committee, high level coordination committee, advisory board, members of general assembly, faculty members, staffs, FSU, students, guardians and well wishers who have open-kindheartedly supported and indebted us  and hope the same in the days to come.

I congratulate all the +2 and bachelors' graduates and extend heartiest invitations at LMC.

Thank you!

Saroj Kumar Shah

Campus Chief


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